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Google buying Postini

Dynamoo: Google to Acquire Postini:

Big business, this spam thing. Google has just announced a $625m plan to buy Postini. The deal is an outright cash purchase to be completed by end Q3 2007.

Google is making strides in improving their suite of applications (GMail/Google Docs & Spreadsheets) and the Postini acquisition puts them in an even better position relative to Microsoft.


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Why the Yahoo home page was inaccessible for several hours last friday


Web analytics firm Netcraft ( announced last week that search engine giant Yahoo’s ( Web sites experienced brief performance problems early Friday.

The problems ranged in varying degrees, depending on the location of the user. Since Yahoo is one of the world’s busiest Web sites, the outages were noted by Internet Storm Center and news outlets.

The home page was inaccessible for several hours from Netcraft’s London, England monitoring station, responding more slowly than usual from several locations in the US.

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Top 100 Alt Search Engines from Charles Knight

Don’t miss Charles Knight’s 100 alternative search engines.  You could spend hours going through his list, exploring the emerging search technologies.

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