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Google buying Postini

Dynamoo: Google to Acquire Postini:

Big business, this spam thing. Google has just announced a $625m plan to buy Postini. The deal is an outright cash purchase to be completed by end Q3 2007.

Google is making strides in improving their suite of applications (GMail/Google Docs & Spreadsheets) and the Postini acquisition puts them in an even better position relative to Microsoft.


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Google Patent Applications on Online Advertising Effectiveness

Bill Slawski notes new Google patent applications related to algorithims built to determine how effective an online advertisement, using methods much more complicated than a simple click-through rate. Hurray to Bill for finding this one.

A trio of patent applications from Google look at estimating the likelihood that an advertisement is a good one, in a method that goes beyond counting click-through-rates (CTR).They provide an extremely detailed list of factors that might go into a quality score, as well as details of different statistical models that might be generated from gathering information about those different factors.

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Google best watch what it sows

Today, it is Google in court trying to persuade the government to punish Microsoft.  It is only a matter of time before Google is sitting in Microsoft’s position, defending its actions in the marketplace for something like online advertising from the also-rans (Yahoo in 5 years?).  I certainly feel no sympathy for Google.  Stop complaining and sniping with pansy lawyers and go out there and whoop Microsoft’s ass by out-competing them every way you can.

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Linked Custom Search Engines (from new Google APIs)

Eric Enge explains what you can do with Google’s new custom search engine APIs: Dynamically Built Google Custom Search Engines

Google continues to roll out new features in its Custom Search Engines (CSEs). One of the most interesting ones is the implementation of “Linked CSEs”. What this feature does is allows applications to be built that can dynamically build a CSE. To whet your appetite for this feature, let me provide you with an example of a dynamic CSE you can build this way. You can read Google’s blog posts about this update here and here.

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Diggers believed’s advertising was promoting Google

I laughed out loud the first time I saw an’s algorithim poster in a bus shelter here in New York.  I knew it would make no sense to just about everyone…although I admit, since I’ve written about it a few times now, I did check it out once since.

Talk about an ad campaign backfiring double-bad.

Barry Schwartz @ Search Engine Roundtable:

Yesterday, I wrote how Is’s “The Algorithm” Campaign Really Working? I then submitting it to Digg, and it later became “popular”. My goal was to see if Digg users were also confused by the campaign, as confused as my brother-in-law and as confused as some of the search marketers at Cre8asite Forums.

Percentage of Digg Users Thought “The Algorithm” campaign was from:

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Google and eBay’s love-hate relationship

Julie Kent @ Cleveland Leader:

Google and eBay’s bitter rivalry has finally reached a boiling point. When Google decided to throw a party in the middle of an eBay conference, they sure ruffled some feathers over at eBay.

This week, eBay held a three-day eBay Live marketing event in Boston. Hoping to spoil the party and lure away a few customers, tech experts, and partners, Google decided to throw a party of their own. But of course, in true Google fashion, they decided to one-up eBay with an attractive set of features.

eBay didn’t take the threat lightly, and immediately withdrew all its US advertising from Google’s website. Somewhat shocked by the response, Google backed down and called off the shindig.

While eBay didn’t come right out and say that Google’s actions were the reason they pulled advertising, the message was pretty clear. An eBay spokesman did, however, acknowledge their displeasure: “We don’t view that kind of activity as an appropriate activity for one partner to do to another.”

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Cutts: Five things you didn’t know about Google’s search

Matt Cutts: Five things you didn’t know about Google’s search

  1. Google continues to have a strong focus on search
  2. Google makes lots of improvements that most people never notice.
  3. Getting search right is really hard
  4. Google has some good internal tools
  5. There are a lot of people “behind the curtain” at Google that improve search

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Google Developer Podcast Launches

Dion Almaer of the Google Developer Programs is announcing a new Google Developers Podcast covering the following general topics:

  • Interviews with Google engineers, discussing areas of their expertise
  • New features, applications, and APIs that matter to developers
  • Open source projects that we work on and/or care about at Google
  • Projects that use our APIs and applications in interesting ways
  • News and events that we all care about, including the Google Summer of Code.

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Yahoo Mail offers unlimited storage. Will Hotmail and Gmail follow?

John Kramer over at Yahoo Yodel:

As promised, we’ve started to roll out unlimited email storage to Yahoo! Mail users worldwide today. When it hits your account, you’ll notice the storage meter has disappeared — meaning, you just don’t have to worry about deleting old messages ever again!

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The new Google Analytics is pretty

I am still trying to make up my mind if is actually more useful. Some of the flashy elements make getting around a bit slower, that much is for sure. But is sure is fun to look at. I’ll keep you posted as I spend more time looking through.

Google Analytics Screen Shot

Jon Molina at Digitalknk really likes it.

Clint Ivy at Instant Cognition breaks it down.

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