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Google best watch what it sows

Today, it is Google in court trying to persuade the government to punish Microsoft.  It is only a matter of time before Google is sitting in Microsoft’s position, defending its actions in the marketplace for something like online advertising from the also-rans (Yahoo in 5 years?).  I certainly feel no sympathy for Google.  Stop complaining and sniping with pansy lawyers and go out there and whoop Microsoft’s ass by out-competing them every way you can.


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Linked Custom Search Engines (from new Google APIs)

Eric Enge explains what you can do with Google’s new custom search engine APIs: Dynamically Built Google Custom Search Engines

Google continues to roll out new features in its Custom Search Engines (CSEs). One of the most interesting ones is the implementation of “Linked CSEs”. What this feature does is allows applications to be built that can dynamically build a CSE. To whet your appetite for this feature, let me provide you with an example of a dynamic CSE you can build this way. You can read Google’s blog posts about this update here and here.

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What will Jerry Yang and Sue Decker do?

It sounds like Yahoo will redouble its bet on technology, whereas Terry Semel hinged the company’s future on content. Can they play catch-up?

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