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Do you search? gets 20% more satisfaction overnight

They killed the algorithm, but according to Emre Sokullu, has improved their user experience for 20% of their users.

Thankfully, this conclusion is not the result of a user poll. Rather, now returns more search results higher up on the page for the eyes to see. See their wonderful heatmap analysis of the search results.

As the query approaches the head of the tail, Google and Ask return the same amount of results. But most of the time, while Ask returns 6, Google has 5. Consequently, the user satisfaction is approximately 20% higher.


As a side note unrelated to Emre’s analysis, one problem I have with polls targeted to existing users of a particular website is that the questions are being asked of the already converted userbase. Many people are inclined to see any change as a step-forward for the betterment of the site, regardless of what it is. Devotees to a particular website like to think that they are on the cutting edge of information or entertainment and for that reason, they will evangelize just like many religious individuals feel the need to spread the message of their religion. Just an observation…


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