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If only 10% of YouTube’s content is copyrighted….

Sanrio Town:

A recent study indicates that less than 10% of YouTube’s popular videos are actually due to copyright materials. This is significant and potentially galling for the likes of Viacom because it may prove that this type of content is far more popular than they themselves are willing to accept and could potentially turn their existing industry upside down. Of course the study may have it’s inaccuracies but the point is that unlike the previous P2P cases, YouTube owes much of it’s success from these new creations due to the availability and low cost of making such productions and that is a very powerful and relevant statement.

A few questions worth asking:

  • Assuming only 10% of YouTube’s content violates copyright, what percentage of their total video views does that 10% make up?
  • If Viacom wins, what are the implications for video search engines such as the impressive
  • If this 10% statistic is true, shouldn’t Mark Cuban be worried?

May 2, 2007 - Posted by | Google, Video

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