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Do you search? killed Jeeves. Are they killing themselves?

“The Algorithm Killed Jeeves” says just about every other bus shelter here in New York City these days.

Oh, did it now? Jeeves died? I sure hope he isn’t taking with him.
How is a Google clone that doesn’t even seem to have improved upon on Google search results going to take over this space?

Allen Stern at CenterNetworks: has made the decision to go “all in”. All in is a term used when an opponent puts everything they have on the table in an attempt to take their share plus their opponents share. Ask wants to become the leader in search.

I agree with a lot of what Duncan wrote about earlier this month as it relates to Ask. His last point is, “If a tree falls down in the woods and no one is around to hear it- does it make a sound can be equally applied to Ask: if a search engine does a viral marketing campaign and no one understands it, does it make a difference?” It’s also very important to remember that people hate change. Imagine for a minute that a new mp3 device came on the market and it was freakin awesome – it did everything the iPod does plus 100 more great features. Would people drop their iPods and run out and get the new xyz? Yes, some will, but not most. Same case here even with no cost for changing.

Does it really matter if Google’s results are good or not? Think about it. Let’s assume Ask has better results. Will your local news personality say, “Ask it” instead of “Google it” if Ask actually did provide better search results? Will Rachel on Friends no longer say Google that?

The real question is what does it take to be able to knock off the leader. Google has reached the mountain top as their name is equal to the Internet for most people just as AOL held that position in the early 90s. Ask has launched a site called “Information Revolution” to help them get the word out in an “underground” style. Danny Sullivan has a very indepth review of the campaign.


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Yahoo Updating Search Results

Search Engine Land was tipped off that Yahoo is doing some pretty major revisions to search results tonight and over the next couple of days.

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AOL keeps on buying…

In a post-dial-up world, was a great acquisition for AOL and their actions of late indicate they are re-doubling their bet that buying good internet advertising companies can keep them competitive. For all their missteps in content and broadband, their advertising sales have been handled extremely well.

AOL Buying Spree Continues:

AOL has acquired a controlling interest in ADTECH AG, an international online ad-serving firm based in Frankfurt, Germany.

ADTECH AG serves publishers in 25 countries, with a strong presence in Europe.

“AOL has incredible momentum in the online advertising space, and our acquisition of ADTECH builds on this by providing AOL with a next-generation ad-serving platform, letting us deepen our relationships with publishers in Europe and the U.S. and provide them a more complete set of solutions,” said Randy Falco, Chairman and CEO of AOL.

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Google Developer Podcast Launches

Dion Almaer of the Google Developer Programs is announcing a new Google Developers Podcast covering the following general topics:

  • Interviews with Google engineers, discussing areas of their expertise
  • New features, applications, and APIs that matter to developers
  • Open source projects that we work on and/or care about at Google
  • Projects that use our APIs and applications in interesting ways
  • News and events that we all care about, including the Google Summer of Code.

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Windows Live Folders (beta) info has the scoop on Windows Live Folders beta. Check out his review and screenshots of this online storage service.

While Windows Live Folders appears to be a very basic service at the moment, that will surely change of the coming months, especially if a client is forthcoming. Performance and usability is probably the highest we’ve seen for any Windows Live beta, so the future definitely looks good.

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Yahoo Mail offers unlimited storage. Will Hotmail and Gmail follow?

John Kramer over at Yahoo Yodel:

As promised, we’ve started to roll out unlimited email storage to Yahoo! Mail users worldwide today. When it hits your account, you’ll notice the storage meter has disappeared — meaning, you just don’t have to worry about deleting old messages ever again!

May 15, 2007 Posted by | Google, Microsoft, Yahoo | 1 Comment is the worst company in the world

Every single post I write, they copy word for word into their own blog, trying to dupe potential customers into buying their SEO services. Stay away from these losers.

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Proof that the Digg administration is burying stories?

Neil Patel is mad at Digg.

We all know that the main reason why stories don’t hit the Digg homepage is because they get buried. Some say the buries are caused by specific Digg users who have it out for us while others just blame it on the content saying it wasn’t Digg worthy. Well last week we did a test on Pronet Advertising that shows Digg might be burying stories internally.

Last week MG Siegler wrote a post on I’m in like with You which got submitted to Digg and buried after 20 or so diggs.

You probably think users buried the story, but it actually was one of the Digg employees who buried it or an algorithm that is targeting specific content topics/sites. If you don’t believe me, here is a document that contains 10,000 buries from that day and none of them seem to be buries for the I’m in like with You story.

The real issue is that websites like Digg utilize the force of the internet for disseminating information, but that force is a lot larger than the sum of Digg. These folks have every right to operate their website in any way they like. But any lies about their operational procedures will eventually be rooted out. There are too many savvy people online for this to go unnoticed.

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The new Google Analytics is pretty

I am still trying to make up my mind if is actually more useful. Some of the flashy elements make getting around a bit slower, that much is for sure. But is sure is fun to look at. I’ll keep you posted as I spend more time looking through.

Google Analytics Screen Shot

Jon Molina at Digitalknk really likes it.

Clint Ivy at Instant Cognition breaks it down.

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Yahoo Green – who thought this was a good idea?

Yahoo Green – give me a break.  This is the Valley’s latest attempt to capture an audience that really wants other people to know how great they are.  Focus on your search and advertising, please…

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