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Can Microsoft catch up to Google’s advertising dominance?

From Entrepreneur Watch:

“Google isn’t just trying to mimic Microsoft’s products, it’s trying to create new types of products. There’s a classic opening. The internet allows you to create social applications, opening up a new market. And existing applications are too expensive, giving an opening to a company that knows how to make money off free applications.

No, Microsoft is trying to take on Google in advertising, in search, and in the new breed of social applications. It’s Microsoft playing catch-up all the way. In that respect, Gartner is right.

The behavior of both companies is telling. While neither company admits they are trying to compete directly with the other, Microsoft acts like it is. Its PR department takes every opportunity to bad-mouth Google to the press, off the record. It offers tips on how Google is evil and how it is doing things wrong.”

If the flight of top search execs is any indication, team Redmond isn’t even close.  The ZD Net article Richard Brandt links to states that MS is prepared to spend 2 billion dollars to try to do that what Google does best.  Yahoo has spent a lot more than that over the years and look at what they’ve created.  Every small business has to be pulling for Microsoft to create a legitimate competitor to Google in this space but most people likely aren’t holding their breath.


April 26, 2007 - Posted by | Google, Microsoft

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