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Paying to bury embarrassing Google search results

Did you know that there is a burgeoning business in the SEO marketplace where many folks are now paying large sums of money to help bury embarrassing links deeper into Google search results?

SEO Buzz Box talks a bit about some of the known methods. One major key, it seems, is to generate enough pages with pagerank to rank above the embarrassing pages in the Google search:

How about using spammy services like payperpost or reviewme to fill the serps with reviews of your site? I wouldn’t suggest this for Paypal though but for personal reputation management it could really bury them. If someone is hurting you and search engines can not do anything about it be relentless in your attempt to crush those looking to do you harm.

There is also an insightful thread over at Search Engine Watch that discusses this in great detail:

  • Buy a domain name matching your friends name (sometimes makes linking with text a hair easier)
  • Build a personal site
  • For different topics use sub domains and cross-link sub domains (dont overdo it and dont get spammy)
  • Drive links to the site (hunt out sites/blogs by those with similar name)
  • Link out from the site to anything having to do with your friends name (or anyone else who shares it)
  • Blog regularly (seperate domain name – or can be sub domain)
  • Issue press releases and pay enough for distribution to hit the news engines (may pick up a couple of links and the scraper sites will love you….but they never rank for anything do they [hint]?!?!)
  • Have your friend create forum accounts with his name where is actively participates
  • Have him post comments in blogs that he reads regularly using his name

April 25, 2007 - Posted by | Google, SEO

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