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Right Media purchase signals a new chapter in Yahoo versus Google

Yahoo’s Big Bet – by Todd Wasserman

Yahoo made a bad deal – says 24/7 Wall Street’s Douglas McIntyre

A smart move – says Charlene Li for Forrester Marketing

How Yahoo is Different than Google – according to Yahoo’s Jeff Weiner


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Insights from Google Base Patent applications

Bill Slawski at SEO by the Sea breaks down Google’s patent applications for Google Base and makes some conclusions on how they plan to improve their search capabilities going forward. Read it all here:

Google Base allows Google to let users create content for the search engine in a manner that is easy to index (and search) because it is structured in attribute/value pairs for different items, and because it can be labeled even further by the people entering information.

We see Google try to extract information from data it receives from telecoms, directories, and Web pages for local search, to create a structured database that it can use to supply searchers with information about business locations. It isn’t always easy for Google to construct a database from a mix of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Google can try to do the same to populate a products database (or other databases), but if they can get people to upload that information in a structured manner, it may become a lot easier for them to index that information.

Essentially, they are creating a safe means (by their standards) of letting human intelligence and sorting capabilities improve the quality of search results. I highly recommend reading the entire article.

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If Yahoo can’t beat them, can they buy them?

Has Yahoo given up trying to build a legit competitor to Google Adsense? After years of trouble, it seems Yahoo is back on the acquisition path since failing to properly integrate Overture into their ad system.

Yahoo! Announces Agreement to Acquire Right Media, Largest Emerging Online Advertising Exchange:

Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOONews), a leading global Internet company, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Right Media Inc., creator of the Right Media Exchange. The acquisition of Right Media will build upon Yahoo!’s leadership in online advertising and is a key step towards executing the Company’s long-term strategy to transform how online advertisers connect to and engage with their customers – both on and off the Yahoo! network.

Some other companies Yahoo should consider buying:
Google Adsense (haha, too bad!)

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The best description of Google PageRank on the web, ever

If you do not know what Google Page Rank is, or how it is generated, and what it means for your website, then invest ten minutes right now to read the best description of Google Page Rank ever. Search Engine Land has got it. This should be required reading for anyone who wants to generate search engine traffic.

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Avoiding duplicate content in search engines

One consideration many people working their SEO are not aware of is what duplicate content can do to their search results. The same content on many different URLs makes Google think you are a spammer and they will not hesitate to soundly punish you for it.

Pandia has a great article on this topic.

The search engines hate finding two pages with the same or similar content. Unfortunately modern blog software and content management systems have a tendency of generating many different URLs for the same page. So what is a webmaster to do?

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AOL is definitely ripping off Yahoo

Is Yahoo the best rip-off AOL’s designers could come up with? Seriously…Yahoo has been tweaking for years but they still have a royal mess of a front page.  I use plenty of Yahoo websites, but I never, ever, ever seem to end up on their front page any more, and I suppose I’ll never need to go to anymore either.  Actually, the only reason I’ve been to in the past year, albeit quite a few times, is to get the link to their free XM Radio player (very cool, though clunky to get to).

From Valleywag who asks is if this rip is “some kind of joke”:

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More on the Microsoft Exodus

Not that this latest has anything to do with Microsoft, but it does appear to be indicative of possible larger structural problems hampering MSFT.

Robert Scoble at Scobleizer gets an inside scoop:

“I just got a press release that Tjeerd Hoek, director or user experience design for Microsoft Windows, is now executive creative director of software and hardware convergence at Frog Design.

Tjeerd was well liked and well respected inside Microsoft.

Microsoft is seemingly in the middle of a full-bore executive cleanout. I’ve seen tons of executives leave, particularly in the MSN/Live division that’s struggling to compete with Google. Nearly every executive I knew inside that division is now gone.”

Don’t feel bad for them though. Forbes reports “Analysts are expecting the software maker to say fiscal third-quarter earnings rose 43 percent to 46 cents per share, on a 27 percent revenue rise to $13.89 billion.” Not everything is going wrong in Redmond.

April 27, 2007 Posted by | Microsoft | Leave a comment prepares to dominate Google’s Adwords…

…or at the very least, they are launching their own contextual ad network.  And it actually sounds pretty slick.  And I am going to give it a shot myself and report back on results in a future post.  And congrats to for at least trying and at launching something.  As I’ve stated before, the more competition in this space, the better things get for small businesses.

Straight from the horses mouth:

“It’s no longer a rumor and definitely not a beta launch. Today’s announcement of the Ask Sponsored Listings contextual product is the real deal. First came Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) 1.0 in August, 2005. Next came ASL 2.0 in October, 2006. Now comes the next innovative product offering with the Ask Sponsored Listings contextual product launching in less than four weeks.

How is this product different from our competitors, you ask? Three important reasons, each one a paradigm shift:

* It gives publishers more control over yield and relevancy
* It gives publishers more creative ad unit opportunities
* It allows both advertisers and publishers more control over where and what ads are displayed

We’ll be working with publishers to customize their implementations with some of the following options:

* New customized relevancy thresholds for publishers
* Innovative yield management thresholds that allow publishers to optimize their monetization efforts

You won’t find the standard white background with text ads. Our hybrid text + graphical contextual units will offer a fresh new look to performance based contextual advertising.

All the power to them.

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Can Microsoft catch up to Google’s advertising dominance?

From Entrepreneur Watch:

“Google isn’t just trying to mimic Microsoft’s products, it’s trying to create new types of products. There’s a classic opening. The internet allows you to create social applications, opening up a new market. And existing applications are too expensive, giving an opening to a company that knows how to make money off free applications.

No, Microsoft is trying to take on Google in advertising, in search, and in the new breed of social applications. It’s Microsoft playing catch-up all the way. In that respect, Gartner is right.

The behavior of both companies is telling. While neither company admits they are trying to compete directly with the other, Microsoft acts like it is. Its PR department takes every opportunity to bad-mouth Google to the press, off the record. It offers tips on how Google is evil and how it is doing things wrong.”

If the flight of top search execs is any indication, team Redmond isn’t even close.  The ZD Net article Richard Brandt links to states that MS is prepared to spend 2 billion dollars to try to do that what Google does best.  Yahoo has spent a lot more than that over the years and look at what they’ve created.  Every small business has to be pulling for Microsoft to create a legitimate competitor to Google in this space but most people likely aren’t holding their breath.

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Geo-targetting on the rise – duh!


“This year 72 percent of marketers say they’ll try geo-targeting, compared to 43 percent who used it last year; and 78 percent planning to try local search this year, compared to 42 percent last year.”

Jupiter has a way of highlighting the obvious, sometimes.  As more small businesses realize there is a real ROI in adwords, why would the psychologist in New York throw ads in front of people in Tulsa, OK?

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